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Painted Post, NY

This is a 13"x19" archival ink print of a digital collage using my own photography, illustration, and other digitally collected and rendered materials, colors and textures.

In my eyes something interesting happens in human-land interactions within the environment. It is these ideas that have been driving my work, exploring the elements that compose human inhabited space. Much of my work uses vintage dollhouse furniture, playing with scale between humans and nature and referencing an iconic era of history when our consumer culture became part of the American dream. Birdcages are also a recurring theme in my work suggesting metaphors of microcosm versus macrocosm and the control and domestication of wild nature.

What started out as a comment on the conflict between industrial society and nature, has developed into works suggesting that one can find comfort in the worlds-within-a-world we create for ourselves as human beings living in often hostile environments.

Painted Post, NY